January 2010

January 2010

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ashley's Shower

Jacki and her girls are always so nice to have showers for the family when-
ever they get married or have babies. Everyone always brings food and
we eat and open gifts. We don't need to play games, we just enjoy one
anothers company the most!

This is Ashley opening her beautiful gifts she got from everyone. I think
she's pretty excited!

Ashley picked out the quilt that she wanted me to make her. I think she

loved how it turned out.

Cortney and Sarah and Jessica and Eden. Awful picture of me but I put it in

there for memory sake.

Paula and her new little grand daughter, Presley. Joel and Chantell's. Monica

with Harley and Beck.

Anglea and the twins made it also. Ava will let me take her picture. That

is Aunt Mardine in the background. I'm mad I didn't get a better picture

of her. Aunt Sally couldn't make it.

Ashley wanted a picture of her pregnant. Lindsey, I guess felt left out!

I could never get the picture to look how Ashley wanted it. Uhm.....I would

have to say that she looked amazing no matter how you took the picture.

I believe this is the one that she liked the best. (Thanks Jack, she said you

knew how to take the picture.) Isn't she cute!

My cute little family before little Charley. I believe this was like 3 weeks

before Ash had her. Love my girls!

Cortney and Ashley's Birthdays

On Cortney's birthday we met downtown Salt Lake to go to lunch. I can't
remember what she got but as usual I'm sure Rodger spoiled her.

The girls like this restaurant, can't remember the name, but when we got
there, Lauren, John and Jan's daughter was our waitress so she took our

Cort and Ash were born 2 years and almost to the day, apart. Dave surprised

Ashley and had us all show up at Tepanyaki's in Clearfield for yet another dinner!

Not sure what Dave is doing in that picture, but obviously I decided to

replace him with Isaac! Love my birthday girls, make that all my girls!

Keaton's Birthday - Stevenson Reunion

Happy 13th Birthday Keat! His favorite meal for me to make is lasagne.
Keat is so very polite and a good big brother. Love him.......and Isaac too!
Le Anne and Ellery and Jane happened to be in town. They came and had
dinner with us and went to church. Yes, I know, we're always eating. That
means I'm always cooking. Glad I enjoy it.

My cute little Sarah! Everyone makes fun of the high chair that I

have but hey $25 and like brand new! It's their kids that are

sitting in it! Ha Ha! She is beautiful!

I have no idea what is going on here, but I caught it on camera!

This is the only picture that I took at the Stevenson Reunion. Paula and Bill

are nice enough to let us have it at their house. The big picture is of Grandma

Ellen and Grandpa Jesse. Jack and Kev had been there but had left by the

time we took this picture. Lindsey and I were the only ones that came this


I believe this is the 12th post I've done in 3 days. I'm determined to get

caught up. Yea only about 6 more to go!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kevin's Birthday and Boating

(Just a hint, for those of you that don't know. If you double click on the pictures
they make them bigger and who knows why this is double spaced in some areas!)

Kevin came to visit in July when his son entered the MTC. That same day
was Kevin's birthday. That night all of us got together for dinner to celebrate.

I'm sure with how loud we all are we wore both he and Sid out!

The next day Dave and Ashley took us boating. Notice little pregnant Mom.

Sid and Saint getting use to the water....

Such good Dads to help them out a little. (Ah.....the girls didn't think

we knew what was going on!)

Sid trying to get a feel for the "doggie paddle". Kevin had a few battle

wounds from scratches by the time the day was over!

Now trying to talk them into doing it on their own.....not too successful!

During this process the girls seemed to keep themselves entertained. Not

too shy of the camera!

Taking a break and going for a ride. Sid was taking it all in, while Saint

was trying to get back to his parents. I'm sure Kevin and Dave were

talking cars at this point.

First attempt of surfing behind the boat. He got up the first time!

Pretty sweet!

He stayed up for a long time.

Now here comes Linds.......Raaaa rrrrr.....

No hands!

Once again, posing for the camera!

Check out how pretty Pine View is, and of course the surfer girl!

We stayed up there until dark. It was a lot of fun. I should have tried to

surf but once the sun goes down, there isn't a chance you'll catch me in the


The next morning Linds had a tournament. Kevin and I made it to the very

end of the first game and then he had to take off to Colorado.

Little Sarah enjoying her Mom. Sid and Kevin being so very patient

while Brad tries to give Sarah a ride. I absolutely love it when Kevin and Sid

come to visit. I hope he had a good birthday. I know I loved it!

Happy 20th Lindsey!

Wow! Time flys. I can't believe my youngest is 20! What a great kid she
is. I would have to say her greatest qualities are that she is so caring and
selfless. She would do anything for anyone to help out. She is always pretty
much happy, even if she is living on 2 hours of sleep! She is the greatest
daughter, sister, aunt, friend you could ever have. She's beautiful inside and out!
We all met at Gateway for lunch to celebrate her birthday. Dave and Ash

Sarah and Chelsea. (Joey was at work and the boys were with their mom)

Cortney and Rodger!

Here is the whole gang. (I was taking the picture) Brad and Angela and

Caroline and Ava came also. It was a nice lunch.

When Lindsey and I got home we opened her gifts. The hat and something

she is holding, is what the twins made her.

I threw this picture in because I forgot to put it on my Georgia post. This

was Lindsey's favorite building in Savannah.

Opening her gifts from me. Even though it was just me and her she

always seems to make it fun.

The picture in the middle was her Pralines chocolates from her favorite candy

store that was on River Street where she lived in Savannah. For her Sunday

dinner with the family I made her, her favorite meal from one of her resturants

that she liked. To this day we make the sandwiches and they are delicious!

Brynn was pretty excited about the chocolates also. They only took about 2

bites and were sick because of how rich they were. (Lindsey had been off sweets

for quite sometime.)

I think she had a good birthday. Since I'm writing this 4 months later, Lindsey

is now working for Delta Airlines and has flight benefits. Since she has been

there she has gone to Detroit and drove home from there. Arizona, San Diego

and San Francisco. She's been somewhere else but can't remember. She loves

her job and I love it too because I get free flights also! Yea! Love you Linds!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Gabs wedding (Cortney's Friend)

Gabrielle is a good friend of Cortney and her husband, Cole is a good friend
of Rodgers. Their wedding was beautiful. I think Cort and Rodg looked
pretty sweet also!
Right when they said, "you may kiss the bride", there was a big crash
of thunder. There was time enough to get some pictures but then the
rain soon came.

Lindsey and I were invited to the wedding. The picture of Cort and Linds
was taken in the garage waiting for the rain to stop! It soon stopped and
they had a great time.

The 4th of July - 2011

The 4th of July starts out a few days earlier, usually on Kevin's birthday.
Jack and I call and arrange when to meet to set up the blankets. Usually
around the 11th tree on the east side of main street by Davis High. Thanks
to Lindsey this year, she did the blankets because I was out of town! This
got a little out of order and I can't center my words but oh well. The whole
family comes and it's really not about the parade, it's about getting together!

We start out on the blankets but if you want any candy you stay out on the street.

Of course for the last couple of years Rodger is that star of the parade!

After the parade, Dave and Ash were kind enough to let us come and swim

in their pool! (Okay, this is probably the time that I miss ours in the back


After the pool party we went over to Cortney and Rodger's and had a

barbeque on their new deck.

That ended with games and a balloon fight.

And of course the cutest little girl ever!

All dressed up for the 4th of July .......... xoxoxo